Quality rhubarb ready for harvest

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to grow and harvest a top quality product for consumers, that is produced according to strict guidelines and quality assurance practices.

Quality Assurance Cerificate

Quality Assurance

In December 2014, we completed our first successful audit under the Freshcare Quality Assurance Program.

We have in fact followed QA guidelines for many years, but had not been audited to complete the final requirement. With the introduction of harvest and packing staff to our operation, we felt it necessary to formalise our committment to the production of top quality rhubarb.

Rocklea Markets

To Market

Our rhubarb is curently sold by 4 market wholesalers in Rocklea, Murray Bros, Shamrock Marketing, So Crisp and GNL Produce.

Please visit Brisbane Markets website for contact details.

Farm Gate Stall

Farm Gate

For many years we have sold rhubarb to anyone who has come to the farm. Over the past 3 years we have been selling our rhubarb via our roadside produce stall. Many repeat customers continually purchase the fresh rhubarb at a very reasonable price.

Matt Golinski

Local Food Festivals

We have supplied our rhubarb to the Hampton Food and Wine Festival for the past 5 years, to be sold at the market stall run by the organising committee. Our rhubarb has been featured by the Chefs who demostrated their recipes during the day. Last year we participated in the Autumn Farm Trail and Long Lunch, which involved our farm as one of the farms visited on the bus tour. This year, Chef's Matt Golinski and Glen Barratt featured our rhubarb, along with other local produce at the Hampton Winter Harvest Long Lunch on 9 and 10 July. For more details visit Hampton Festival

We have also provided rhubarb for the Felton Food Festival for the past two years.