Quality rhubarb ready for harvest

New Farm at Blackbutt South

In October 2018 we purchased a new farm at Blackbutt South. The soil type and climate are very similar to Cabarlah with very little difference in temperature during the summer months but having slightly warmer daytime and nighttime temperatures in winter.

Many hours have been spent in prepation to plant rhubarb on the new property. Irrigation infrastructure and a new shed have been installed.

We have planted 5 acres of rhubarb and are currently harvesting for the second and third times in some plantings. We will continue planting an acre each year, so that every 4 years we can rotate our cropping and spell the ground and still have enough rhubarb to meet our market orders.

Our new farm also features a small avocado orchard which is not yet in production commercially but we have sold some through our roadside stall. We are also now able to diversify and have experimented with growing various varieties of garlic which we have sent to market and also sold through the stall.

Farm Coldroom Picking
Farm Harvest Farm
Packing Shed Rhubarb Shed