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Family owned and operated, MacBeth Farms produces top quality ruby red rhubarb for sale at the Rocklea Markets. The 6 acre property situated at quiet, picturesque Cabarlah on the escarpement of the Eastern Darling Downs, established over 30 years ago has grown several different crops over many years in the rich red volcanic soil, characteristic of this area. Just take a short fifteen minute drive north of Toowoomba, through the thriving and fast developing suburb of Highfields, and you will be rewarded with pleasant mountain scenery, cottage craft and popular cafes this district is known for.

We have grown Rhubarb in this beautiful area of Queensland for around 25 years, and due to the free draining soil and optimal elevation and climate, we are able to produce Rhubarb for commercial sale all year round. This is due to careful crop monitoring and protection to ensure the plants yield in every season.

The rhubarb is harvested and chilled immediately, to maintain freshness and quality and to ensure the produce is in peak condition when it reaches the market floor. We currently produce over 3 tonnes of rhubarb weekly, grown using plastic mulch and trickle tape, with benefits including reduced weeds, economical water use and soil moisture retention.

Nutrients and microbes are supplied to the plant through the watering system with the use of regular plant and soil tests, monitoring of current weather conditions and soil moisture levels, and just plain old TLC, which all play a significant part in obtaining optimal growing conditions for the current stage of maturity of the plants. The plants are harvested every 3 months for up to 5 years, before they are replanted.

We also employ many techniques to improve the biodiversity of the farm site, including the use of biological controls and soil stimulants to enhance the richness of the soil as a medium to deliver nutrients to the rhubarb plants. Healthy soil means healthy plants. Healthy plants, means top quality produce.

We have recently expanded our operations to a new farm at Blackbutt South, employing the same farming techniques and some newer technologies to deliver the same quality fresh rhubarb to our markets.

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